Female fertility and education are concepts close to my heart.

The reason: working in my practice for over 7 years has exposed me to a large number of women seeking answers to their fertility problems. Most women’s fertility concerns revolve around infertility, irregular cycles, painful bleeding, and hormonal imbalance, although these are just some of the common conditions women struggle with today.

Hi! I'm Dr. Deb Nikolin.

I am a chiropractor specializing in pregnancy, postpartum, pediatric chiropractic care, and women’s health.

My journey with irregular cycles and hormone imbalances has been a long one. For 15 years, I struggled with irregular cycles and hormone imbalances. It was out of utter frustration that I took things into my own hands and found solutions to problems that were previously covered with band-aids. After training with FEMM (fertility education and medical management) and reading everything hormone-related I could get my hands on, I discovered that I could control and change my cycles and hormone imbalances! Why had I never heard this before?! After implementing this information into my life and helping women in my practice as well, I knew this was valuable information that women needed to know. And that is why and how Hormone Bootcamp was created!

This course is for women who want to..

  • Get off hormonal birth control and explore natural options.

  • Learn how to identify fertile phases in their cycle for family planning.

  • Correct hormone imbalances.

  • Restore and regulate your cycle.

Hormone Bootcamp will help you track your cycle.

By doing so, you’ll be able to identify the fertile phase of your cycle. Tracking your cycle will help you to identify hormone imbalances and cycle irregularities. Based on the information you’ll receive in Hormone Bootcamp, you’ll be able to correct hormone imbalances and restore your menstrual cycle through proper supplementation and lifestyle modifications.

What People Are Saying

Here is how Hormone Bootcamp has transformed lives

Hormone Bootcamp was such an eye opener for me!


The Hormone Bootcamp was such an eye opener for me, I knew I wanted to get off birth control and take care of my body naturally. But I had no clue how to track my cycle or how to support my hormones. Dr. Deb did such a good job explaining everything and answering my random questions. I feel so much more empowered to take care of my body and really understand what is going on now. Also just love learning how our bodies work its so cool!

Dr. Deborah's Hormone Bootcamp is an ABSOLUTE 10/10!


Dr. Deborah's Hormonal Bootcamp is an ABSOLUTE 10/10!!! I specifically signed up for this bootcamp to further understand hormones and the menstrual cycle. There was so much information that I was unaware of and wish I knew growing up.

Hormone bootcamp is a must for all women and even men!


Hormone bootcamp is a must for all women and even men. Dr Nikolin is so knowledgeable on all things hormones, menstruation, and family planning. I am a single women who is not on birth control and I was so educated about how our bodies work from a cycle stand point to getting pregnant. I’ve always had irregular cycles and that was one of the reasons I got on birth control, but when the IUD was rejected by my body I was so happy to have found this course. It allows me to track when I’m ovulating and be able to prevent pregnancy. Also getting off any excessive hormones that can through my body into whack. She lays out all the do’s and don’ts for taking care of our hormones and optimal egg health with a healthy diet, tracking our cervical mucus, supplements, and much more. I finished this course feeling so comfortable in knowing my body and being able to relate all the teachings to my everyday life. I’m excited to track my cycles and prevent unwanted pregnancy but also for when I’m ready to be have a baby I can create a happy body and be able to conceive to the best of my ability! I can’t thanks Dr Nikolin enough for this life changing course!

What's Included?

For only $117, you will receive...

  • Four Hours of Video Teaching

    This course includes four hours of video teachings broken down between easy-to-follow chapters and lessons.

  • Supplemental PDFs

    Supplemental PDF guides are included for you to follow as you complete Hormone Bootcamp.

  • Action Steps

    By the end of this course, you'll be provided with action steps to help reach your health goals!

Course Curriculum

  • 2

    Ovulation and Fertilization

    • Physiology and Anatomy of Ovulation + Fertilization

    • Holy Hormones!

  • 3

    Cervical Mucus- Your Marker of Fertility

    • You want me to check what...?!

    • Microscopic Views + Research

    • Cervical Mucus Identification

    • Action Steps

    • Cervical Mucus Guide

  • 4

    Charting + Fertile Window

    • Identifying Ovulation

    • Phases of our Cycle

    • Family Planning for Achieving or Avoiding Pregnancy

  • 5

    Common vs. Normal

    • What is HEALTHY?

    • Estrogen Dominance

    • PCOS

    • "That time of the month.."

    • Estrogen Dominance

    • PCOS

    • Yoni Steam

    • Seed Cycling

  • 6


    • Natural and Feasible Solutions

  • 7

    Hormonal Birth Control

    • HBC + Recovery

    • Post Pill Recovery

  • 8


    • Is this supplement good?

  • 9

    Healthy Baby Daddy + Mommy

    • Sperm and Egg Health

    • Favorite Supplements

    • Male Supplements

    • HB Supplement Rec

    • Post Pill Recovery

  • 10

    Endocrine Disruptors

    • What are they and where do we find them?

    • Easy Replacements


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    You may access the course for reference at any time.